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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the crowd still? >> no. >> it's the fans trying to clean up after last night. what an exciting night. >> it was a big night. so much fun. they have just beat up on the rockets. good morning. it's 4:30. we have traffic and weather. brian, you and i are not in the same room very often. >> no, we are not. >> good to have you on board. >> good to see you guys. >> yeah. >> it is nice to have another guy on the set. >> i can't imagine why. there's not nearly enough estrogen here this morning. [ laughter ] >> we are starting out with mostly cloudy skies near the shoreline and temperatures highs will be nice. we'll be in the mid-70s inland warming up a bit there even as we continue fairly bleak along the shoreline. we'll have the first full forecast in a few minutes. how about traffic?
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880 in oakland. everything is quiet across this stretch but if you are traveling into san leandro we have the usual overnight roadwork between marina and davis. so we'll show you if it slows down at all plus the rest of your morning commute. >> did you watch the game? >> the early parts of it. >> just checking. >> did brian? awesome. well, what an exciting game. they did it. the warriors are heading to the nba finals for the first time in 40 years. >> pretty incredible. they will face lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers starting a week from tonight. so got a rest. anne makovec at oracle arena where last night the warriors finished off the rockets. good morning, anne. >> reporter: it was a real party. good morning. and they are still cleaning up here at oracle arena. you can see them behind me plenty of yellow confetti left behind. we have several crews in here this morning. of course, as you mentioned they do have a week though to
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get this place prepared for the next big matchup. but it was a wild atmosphere here at oracle arena last night. a lot of folks probably saw it on television. it was electric. the western conference trophy was awarded to the warriors. here's steph curry, the nba mvp. >> two years ago, we thanked the fans for support fast forward we were two wins away. so this is great. >> this is the first time that we won this. me and my brother came here. i came home from yale university to watch this and i'm so happy they won. >> game was awesome. we enjoyed it. i'm glad i came. >> reporter: fans feeling confident going into the finals. some of the hottest plays after the team really got going in
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the second half last night. next matchup of course the cavaliers. and their star is nba darling lebron james. so everybody waiting to see how he is going to face off with our steph curry one week from today. live at oracle arena, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> should be a great series. last time the warriors were in the finals you have to go back to 1975. they swept the washington bullets in four games to win the title. rick berry, nate thurmond and all that. fast forward here we go. >> i see a bet with the cleveland anchors. >> very good. >> i know. >> now you're talking my language, friend. nate thurmond. those were good times. so are these. we have a nice day for thursday in the bay area with low cloudiness as per usual but things will warm up inland. outside a look at the numbers
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as we overlook the beautiful ferry building and the bay bridge suspension cables in the background. 54 degrees in concord. in san francisco it's 51 to start things out. santa rosa 52. out the door this morning we'll see numbers mostly in the low 50s to start out with a little drizzle and fog near the shoreline but by this afternoon we'll recover into the low 70s inland as high pressure builds in for the first time in a while over the bay area. numbers finally begin to climb up a bit. sun comes out a little earlier even as it remains cloudy along the shoreline. we'll have the complete forecast all the way into the weekend which is also warming up but first, there's traffic and there's weather, here's traffic, i'll get this straight -- >> same thing. all right. thanks, brian. out the door let's show you what's going on, on the san mateo bridge. it's relatively quiet even though we have that overnight roadwork between foster city boulevard and clawiter in hayward. westbound and eastbound 92. and yeah, you can see a little bit of moisture there on the camera lens.
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so i need my windshield wipers for about 2 seconds this morning. you may need them, as well. let's see. let's go out the door for 880 in oakland. and it's okay near the oakland coliseum and oakland airport. it's farther south all those headlights are heading southbound into san leandro between marina and davis both sides of the freeway have some overnight roadwork right now. 15-minute drive time between 238 and the maze. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. a man is in custody suspected in a series of carjackings and a hostage ordeal at an antioch gas station. it all ended with police dragging and cuffing the suspect. it started late yesterday morning. antioch investigators say the man was behind three-car thefts, two crashes -- three car thefts, two crashes, a police change and exchange of gunfire with an officer. the man ran to an arco gas station on contra loma boulevard where police say he took the station's other than and employee hostage. one hostage was released about
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2:30 in the afternoon. aboutage hour later the other was released and then the suspect surrendered. he was dragged away from the building by police and they arrested him. kpix 5's betty yu spoke with the arco station's owners, who had some nice things to say about the suspect. >> he was a gentleman, never even a disrespectful word. >> a gentleman. >> a total gentleman. >> reporter: that total gentleman had a gun when he barged into the gas station police hot on his tail. >> he said i won't harm you. rest assured i won't harm you. i won't do anything to you. >> reporter: did he give you any indication of why he did all of this today? >> no. no. we asked him, why the police is after you? he did not answer that. he just kept quiet. >> reporter: before jack was nearly thrown to safety by heavily armed officers, he spent 2.5 hours trapped with the carjacker. so he tried to be his friend.
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>> i told him, [ indiscernible ] he had a drink. >> reporter: what did he drink? >> i think it was iced tea. >> reporter: iced tea and time seemed to take the edge off. >> we started feeling inclined to that this guy will give up. his attitude was coming softer and softer and softer. >> reporter: he's in police custody now. you could say anything to him, what would you say? >> god bless him, that's all. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> so far the only information released about the suspect is that he is a 35-year-old man from newark. other people found themselves stuck in the middle of that chaos. paul baylis was test driving a car and speaking with the seller at the gas station when they heard a crash. he says the suspect came at them with police in hot pursuit. >> i heard him yell, stop. and then the guy came running
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this way towards the arco station and the shooting started and i heard shots so the guy i was with obviously him and i got out of the way. >> baylis and the other man were not injured. but they were stuck at the scene until the ordeal ended waiting to get their car back. the people of san bruno have another chance to suggest ways to spend $70 million to benefit the city. the money is coming from pg&e, a restitution fund stemming from the deadly gas pipeline explosion in 2010. the money is meant to benefit the entire city and is separate from the trust fund the city received to make repairs. the san bruno community foundation's public meeting is set for 6:30 tonight at bel air elementary school. former 49ers ray mcdonald has been arrested again second time this week. this is a look at his latest mugshot. santa clara police say mcdonald violated a restraining order yesterday by showing up at a home he is supposed to avoid. that restraining order was issued monday after he was arrested on suspicion of
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domestic violence and child endangerment. he was released on bail late last night. mcdonald said nothing to members of the media. his attorney telling the "mercury news," neither he nor his client had been notified about that restraining order. mcdonald drove off in a car from aladdin bail bonds. santa clara police found him about 5:00 yesterday afternoon. he was at a togo eatedry on tasmin drive. an employee told kpix 5, she saw ray mcdonald come into the restaurant hang around for a few minutes and then he left. >> reporter: how did he look when he was walking through here? >> he looked a little distraught. he did look a little distraught and seemed, um, just out of it. >> this is mcdonald walking out of jail after his arrest on monday. here's part of that 911 call that landed him there. >> stay on the line with me, okay?
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>> he was fired by the chicago bears. yesterday's arrest is mcdonald's fourth since august and at this point he hasn't been charged in any. incidents. the u.s. military may have sent live anthrax to labs by mistake. about two dozen people may have been exposed at a military base in south korea. in the u.s., nine states received the samples and california is one of them. the cdc says the samples were supposed to be inactive. the anthrax was part of a department of defense program to develop new ways to identify biological threats. >> no known risk to the general public and no suspected cases of anthrax infection. >> four lab workers in the u.s. are being given antibiotics as a precaution. federal government wants to make sure a pipeline company finishes the clean-up of that oil spill in santa barbara county. last week's break released more than 100,000 gallons including 20,000 into the ocean. yesterday the epa and coast
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guard issued an order to ensure a full clean-up on land along the shoreline and in the water. and to the south, mysterious tar balls have prompted the closure of several beaches near l.a. fire officials say the goo on manhattan beach appears to be from a barrel or two of oil. and while there is a refinery and a pipeline nearby there's no sign of any spill. it's possible they are residue from the santa barbara spill but the coast guard is still investigating. flood warnings are up in texas this morning. the death toll from the storms this week has climbed to 21, 17 in texas and 4 in oklahoma. paolo sandoval reports from wimberly, texas. >> reporter: authorities in texas are ordering voluntary evacuations along parts of the colorado and brazos rivers. they are worried that predicted heavy rain will cause more flash flooding that could spell disaster in already devastated areas. >> we're very vulnerable right no so we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. our grounds are saturated.
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the river is still up. >> reporter: crews are pushing ahead with clean-up from major flooding earlier this week. more than a foot of rain pushed rivers over their banks, houses torn from their foundations and cars pushed downstream like toys. this is video of the powerful blanco river breaking down a door and pushing into one family's home. this tornado touched down all the way up into texas panhandle. it damaged a gas drilling rig and injured three people. two of them quit cloudy. meanwhile, the search for nine missing people continues. one family outside houston spent wednesday searching for the body of 73-year-old alice reported missing when she didn't show up for work. >> she's cold. she's wet. [ crying ] >> that's where we're trying to get her, home. >> reporter: her body was found late in the afternoon less than 100 yards from the crossing where she went missing. >> that was paolo sandoval reporting. subdivisions are expected to
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flood along the san jacinto river in the houston area. six storm-related deaths are reported in houston alone. it is 4:43 right now. a mystery text message with the power to crash your iphone. the special characters that could be causing problems. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nominations to us at we'll be right back.
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triplets have been accepted to m.i.t. let's than 8% of applicants get in so the triplets from newport beach have defied the odds. the siblings have excelled in and out of the classroom and now they are excited to be going to the same college. >> to have them, it will be helpful. >> internships get more, like, hands on experience outside of the classroom which has made a
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difference in us getting in. >> lots of fun. >> that will be the message when she speaks at her high school graduation and the triplets' grandfather taught at m.i.t. in years past. >> they certainly have done a little shopping at m.i.t., apparently. [ laughter ] >> i know. >> i think they are very proud. >> they were very serious. serious young people. >> of course. >> they better be. >> a serious school. >> going to m.i.t., look out! we have a nice day on tap for the bay area, more sunshine a little earlier today except as per usual right at the shoreline but the numbers will be warming up a little bit today. we have the numbers are mostly in the 50s this morning to start out our thursday morning. livermore 56 degrees. san francisco 51. and san jose 57 degrees. here's what's happening. high pressure finally building back in over the west coast after a relative absence of about 3 weeks. so with the ridge being fairly close to the west coast for the next three days, the numbers
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come up a little bit. nothing dramatic. we'll be in the low 80s by saturday and sunday. then the onshore flow increases on sunday. we'll be back to the usual "stratus quo," low clouds and then the sunshine in the afternoon. we'll have that today but the numbers will be warming a little bit. so afternoon highs come right into the upper 70s inland today. around the bay we'll be near 70. at the coast we'll be in the upper 50s and mostly cloudy skies. hey, the a's are taking on a team from the east coast, frank? oh, yeah, the new york yankees. tonight 7:05 p.m. partly cloudy and cool conditions. temperatures about 60 degrees at game time tonight. forecast highs for today, 57 in santa rosa. 78 fairfield. 78 at livermore. in san jose, 74. and at pacifica 58 degrees. in the extended forecast, we'll go with "stratus quo." the usual low clouds in the morning and sun in the afternoon. saturday and sunday, pretty nice weekend. the beach will have the usual low clouds.
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next week, cooling off a little bit. traffic and weather together, i did weather. you do traffic! >> very good. we do it finally. it's not even quite 5:00. here's a live look out the door. so for if you're heading to the bay bridge the toll plaza, it's very quiet. no metering lights. nothing going on. no delays in the cash lanes all the way into the city. eastbound looks good, as well. you can see some fog a little bit near the dublin cam. this is near the dublin interchange. if you are continuing eastbound 580 tassajara to hacienda, caltrans tells us they are scheduled to have four lanes blocked until about 6:00. westbound roadwork should be cleared though through the livermore valley. and not much of a problem right now through the altamont pass. here's a live look out the door. if you are heading out of hayward, westbound 92, i mentioned that roadwork. once you hit clawiter to foster city boulevard, i know they had that full bridge closure over the weekend. they are still doing roadwork on both ends of the span. all of that should be picked up by 5:00 or possibly by 6:00 in the eastbound direction. and 880 in oakland is still
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moving like clockwork if you are catching a flight or picking somebody up over by oakland airport no delay here. so that's where this camera is close to 66, the airport. a little farther south as you head to hayward, it still looks okay as well on the approach to the san mateo bridge. i mentioned some slowdowns in the altamont pass. this is them. just a few yellow sensors now a few brake lights to about north flynn and then it completely loosens up heading to dublin. that's "kcbs traffic." frank and michelle, back to you guys. >> all right, liz. thanks. 4:49. the number of traffic deaths in the u.s. has spiked in the past six months. and as don champion reports, national safety council report is coming out at a bad time. reporter: the numbers should make every driver think. neighbors wide, the national safety council reports traffic deaths shot up 8% in the past six months compared to last year. in the past three months alone, the numbers are up 11%. michael to drives for a tour company in los angeles has seen
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it all on the roads. >> seriously, since we got our phones and we can text people are looking down, not being aware. >> reporter: the troubling trend on the nation's highways is even more concerning considering we're at the start of what they call the 100 deadly days. >> every year we see a spike in fatalities during the summer. >> reporter: deborah is ceo of the group and says with lower gas prices, and the improved economy, more drivers will be on the roads during the summer and that could make the next few months some of the deadliest. since 2010, more than 48,000 people have been killed on the roads between memorial day and labor day. >> all these deaths are preventable with a little bit of forethought and so buckle up every time you get in the car. put your cell phone away. don't drink and drive. >> reporter: the nsc also warns crash factors like speed and alcohol are more common during the summer. >> last week the national
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safety council reported cell phone related crashes account for more than a quarter of all accidents. a mystery hack is shutting down some iphones. people's phones are instantly rebooting after they receive a text with latin and arabic characters. so if you do get it, don't open it. just have someone else text you and power down your phone and when it powers up again, that is when you can delete it safely. it can be a little confusing so we explain all of this on our website, apple says we are aware of an i message issue called by specific series of unicode characters and we'll make a fix available in a software update. it is 4:51. tatoos popular but the risks are real. how getting ink
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the faa is considering evaluating the mental health of pilots after the "germanwings" plane in europe a deliberate act by the copilot and now the faa is teaming up with airlines and doctors. they will look at ways to evaluate pilots' health and better encourage the reporting of mental health issues. tatoos have become more and more common for all age groups. but as henna daniels shows us they come with health risks. -- hannah daniels shows you, they come with health risk. >> reporter: newlyweds share a love of tatoos. >> think blend together. if i had to put a number on it i'd say in the 20s. >> reporter: they have never had any issues with their ink. but a new survey from nyu langone medical center shows many people end up with complications from their tatoos. >> things were like delayed
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healing, things that sounded like infections, pain at the site going on for longer, things like itching, scaling, raised areas. >> reporter: researchers interviewed about 300 people in new york's central park with a tattoo. most of them had five tatoos or less. 4% of people had reactions that came on and resolved quickly. the fifth percent had chronic reactions lasting months or years. >> a lot of the things don't have to do with sterile instruments or anything like that more to do the with ink and people's bodies' reactions to them. >> reporter: the study author says doctors can prescribe antibiotics for infections and steroids for chronic problems. surgery is sometimes necessary if a reaction is severe. this person had no problems with his tattoo. >> no infections, no nothing. healed fine. >> reporter: he says he will not hesitate to finish the artwork on his arm. hena daniels for cbs news, new
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york. >> researchers say most long lasting complications were found with red and black colors which are the two most common tattoo ink colors. "playboy" magazine has a big problem. it hasn't made money in a decade. and now their new plan to stay relevant is to go digital. but they are skipping the raunchy stuff. last year relaunched as a more conservative website. magazine isn't going anywhere by the way even though it is losing money. >> full nudity does not need to be the bedrock of this brand. it's much more about lifestyle, entertainment, i say we give aspirin for the headache of people's lives. >> playboy did more than $1 billion in retail sales and licensing just last year. 4:56. coming up, dangerous driving habits. with deadly consequences. the recent spike in traffic deaths. >> reporter: they are cleaning up at oracle arena today after a huge party last night. coming up, we'll let you know what's next for the
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not looking bad. that all changes. >> looks good for 4:59. >> good time to go to work. good morning, it is thursday, may 28. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:59. bay area basketball fans are rejoicing. the warriors are going to the nba finals for the first time since 1975. and our anne makovec is over at oracle arena where game one against the cleveland cavaliers, we have to wait a while i guess a week, right, anne? >> reporter: yes. and in the meantime we are basking in the glow of last
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night's big win. they are still cleaning up at oracle arena. look at the mess left behind. plenty of yellow confetti all over the joint this morning. it was a wild atmosphere last night. a lot of folks saw it on television. ws fans going nuts as the western conference trophy was awarded to the warriors. here's the nba's mvp, steph curry. >> two years ago, we were sitting on this court after second round loss to san antonio thanking them for their support. fast forward two years later we were four wins away from the goal so this is great. >> we are feeling great. this is the first time that we won this. you know, me and my brother came here, i came all the way home from yale university to watch this and i'm so happy they won. >> game was awesome. we really enjoyed it. i'm glad i came. go warriors. >> fans confident going into the finals. it's a


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